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Speaking Highlights

Discover the talks that have marked my journey as a speaker.

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RTL goes Meetup

Cologne, 2024

Building Content Understanding, a presentation on how integrating data across audio, video, and text can transform content understanding, offering a holistic view that enhances user engagement and content relevancy.


M3 Conference

Germany, 2021

An exploration of the various text generation (decoding) strategies used by transformer based LLMs with a practical exercise using open-source models like GPT-2 by OpenAI and GPT-NEO by EleutherAI.


Developing a Content Knowledge Graph by integrating diverse media types such as movies, series, music, podcasts, and audiobooks for a media platform that serves as a universal source of truth and drives innovative use cases across different business areas.



Karlsruhe, 2018

An interactive workshop in which participants learn how Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) work by training a model to autonomously play the Chrome T-Rex game. Importantly, particpants learn how to analyze and interpret the features from what is typically a black box model.

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Introduction to the Stable Diffusion paper that sparked numerous innovations in text-to-image, image-to-image, and image editing technologies. The session provides a simple explanation of how the model works and then dives into the code for a demonstration.


An introductory talk to students on 'Neural Networks' explaining the training and backpropagation process followed by an interactive exercise to see it in action.

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